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MC, Host & Magician for Events, Corporate, Conferences, Awards & Charity nights and more

Why do we sometimes get telepathic feelings?

Are people really that easy to read?

Is anything really possible?

Does anyone care?

These are the things that have occupied me, kept me awake at night and lead me on a life-long quest to answer…

Like most children growing up in the 1980’s, I was first introduced to magic by Paul Daniels and began performing tricks from the then very popular Paul Daniels Magic Set.

I started to work in the entertainment industry at the tender age of eighteen as a musician and studying Hypnoses at the London School of Hypnotherapy.

Since then I have performed all over the world including UK and European tours, part of a Royal Caribbean cruise ship Headliner show and many corporate, weddings, anniversaries and birthday parties etc…

I am a full and qualified member of The Magic Circle, Equity and The Professional Emcee Association.

My favorite type of magic lay in close-up card magic, sleight of hand & the psychological and mind-reading. I also love the classics in magic like silks & hankies, sponge balls and rope magic. However, having a great time and a great fun is always the main consideration when deciding what to perform.

My routines can include using cards, numbers, a pen and paper, psychology, or just eye contact and body language to tell someone exactly what they are thinking, predict what they will say or do or tell someone whether they are lying or telling the truth!

I enjoy full involvement and participation from spectators and encourage everyone to fully engage, have fun and completely experience the magic of our eyes and minds. Everyone and every performance is unique.

That’s why I customise every booking to fit your needs exactly according on your event.

Whether it’s a small or a comprehensive effort, I’ll sit down with you, listen to your requests and requirements and prepare a customised plan.

However, if you can’t be bothered to do all that, I’ll just do my regular stuff and do what I feel will work best.

Phil Pickford 07 Sep 2023

The Impossible Mr Goodwin, was prompt, polite, enthusiastic, and thoroughly entertaining. Kevin Goodwin made our joyous evening into a gloriously memorable occasion.

Nicola Hart 26 Jul 2023

A great addition to our school year 6 leavers party in Tamworth. The children were in awe of the magic. A great addition to any party. 

Nichola Innes 18th July 2023

I booked The Impossible Mr Goodwin, at short notice, for my daughter’s Hen Party. He prepared a really good set, tailored especially to suit our audience. There were 3 generations and he managed to keep us all entertained with illusions and humour fitting for us all. We all chipped in and we felt that the money was well spent. I would recommend him to anyone wishing to book this type of activity and feel he would be good at entertaining many different types of audiences. I will book him again if I get a chance.

Derek Thomas 14 June 2023

Charity fund raising event in the 8 Bells pub Chipping Campden.

Excellent rapport with everyone.

Professional, positive and wanted to engage from the outset.

Excellent show with the question continually being asked — ‘How did he do that’ ?? An excellent enjoyable evening was had by all. Thank you !!!!

The Throckmorton 27 Apr 2023

Kevin helped us with a dining event performing tableside magic.

Excellent feedback from the guests, bit also the whole experience from first contact to performance was brilliant.

We will definitely look to use his magical services in the future!


Les Hardiman 07 November 2022

Kevin worked his magic at a 80th Birthday party, the age group was 4 to 80-year-olds.

Kevin entertained everyone with his table magic and then performed a stunning group show.

Excellent entertainment for a mixed age group.

Gary Cornwall 31 July 2021

Brilliant reactions from this guy’s performance from close up magic, performed to over 70 guests at our Wedding.

Our ceremony overan but he stayed passed the time he was booked for! Great hospitality.

Rachel 26 July 2021

Kevin was a great act for our party.

He was really flexible with what we wanted for the event and provided perfect ice-breaker entertainment for everyone.

He changed up the tricks including more visual simple ones for the little children.

Ashley Foster 26 July 2021

Kevin was absolutely fantastic with his range of close up magic and amazing card tricks.

Kevin was punctual and professional the whole time, adapting to the crowd and amazed everyone.

Highly recommended and would definitely hire again without hesitation.

Sue Bagshaw 27 Jun 2021

The Impossible Mr Goodwin agreed to be our entertainment for a family reunion, not an easy task bearing in mind the range of age’s 4 – 66!!

He excelled in keeping everyone engaged through his performance, leaving everyone baffled with his magic!

We couldn’t have asked for better entertainment and I’m sure his magic trickery will be discussed for a long time to come by all ages, trying to figure out how it was done!

Thanks Mr Impossible, truly entertaining!

Creative Optimistic Visions 29 Oct 2020

The Impossible Mr Goodwin was very professional throughout his performance paying special attention to restrictions due to COVID.

Our young people and staff thoroughly enjoyed the performance. The Impossible Mr Goodwin had considered what young people were worried about in day to day life and worked this into the show.

We will certainly book again if we are arranging a similar event.

Jennie 28 Sep 2018

The Impossible Mr Goodwin entertained the guests at our 30th birthday really well. He was very enthusiastic and did some really good tricks. I would definitely recommend him.

Paula 03 Nov 2017

Kevin has been a great communicator throughout and adapted his act to suit an elderly group of people who really enjoyed his magic.

I would definitely recommend him and will be booking in future dates with him.

Kelly J 7th June 2022

Superb entertainment!

Kevin was great at communicating before and during the event. Very polite and easy going. He entertained all guests, amusing old and young alike. Everyone said how they enjoyed his performances. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.

Ashley F 26th July 2021

Absolutely Wonderful!

Kevin was absolutely fantastic with his range of close up magic and amazing card tricks. Kevin was punctual and professional the whole time, adapting to the crowd and amazed everyone. Highly recommended and would definitely hire again without hesitation.

Victoria J, 2nd January 2019


Kevin was very professional and baffled many of us with his amazing tricks. He was very attentive and we would highly recommend him to anyone.

Rabbi Yehunda Pink, 22nd July 2021

Kevin called beforehand to ensure he would pitch the event at the right level for the audience. arrived well in advance of the event to set up and did an excellent job of engaging and entertaining the audience. Highly recommended.

Paula, 3rd December 2017

Kevin has been a great communicator throughout and adapted his act to suit an elderly group of people who really enjoyed his magic. I would definitely recommend him and will be booking in future dates with him.

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Q & A's

Here's an interview I undertook for an online club publication...

Kevin loves the challenge and motivation magic can bring and is always up for trying the impossible.

He’s been performing since a young boy and is lucky enough to have a dream job as a professional musician.

Kevin loves to perform magic that everyone can be involved in, so whether you are just choosing a card or thinking of some random words… you will always feel like you were part of and the star of the show.

When did you first get interested in Magic?

I got my first Paul Daniel’s magic set at about the age of 10 for Christmas, and have always loved card tricks and how ‘sleight of hand’ worked. However, I only started to take magic a lot more seriously around 2015 when I had time to start working on the more difficult skills and spells.

What type of performer would you say you are?

I like to think my character is likable, interesting, a little cheeky, and quite entertaining.

Who is your biggest inspiration in Magic?

Derren Brown relighted my interest in all things psychological, which I have always been very interested in from a young age. The way he mixed psychology with magic is nothing short of genius.

Can you remember the first trick you learned?

I knew a magician when I was around 16 who taught me some ‘proper’ tricks that included a popular prop to use on the thumb. However, the one I really liked and started performing to friends/family was a version of a trick called ‘Out of this World’.

Are you working on anything at the moment?

I love the possibilities of the recent online magic medium. It is VERY hard to get right and a steep learning curve, but the things you can do, really is quite limitless. There are people who have grasped it with both hands and taken it to a whole other level, I just try to hold on to some coattails and have a bit of fun with it.

What is your favourite genre of magic to perform?

Propless mentalism, because it can be very clean, impromptu and I love the challenge. However, unless you perform it all the time (which I don’t), you can easily lose it and forget the formulas. I also love card magic because it’s so accessible.

Is there anything you don’t like about magic?

The great deal of low-quality magic sold. They can ‘look’ great in the advertising and marketing, but can be disappointing in real life, almost unusable practically, and a waste of money. I’m sure every magician has a drawer full of items that looked great in the ad, but will never use in real a performance.

What do you like most about the magic community?

I love how willing magicians are to help each other. There’s a lot of support, help, and advice in the magic community, especially at a club level. I think it comes from the fact that every magician likes to see really good magic.

What advice would you give yourself if you could go back to when you started?

Spend more time practicing and get a mentor/coach/director!

What is the most difficult thing you have tried to do in magic?

The work required for some mentalism routines and learning scripts for performances. However, even though I hate doing it, I like the challenge and am always really glad I made the effort.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of learning or starting magic?

Learn the classics and basics but also try as many different things you possibly can. Get a broad knowledge of what is possible to try to find what is suitable for you.

What is your favourite trick or routine to perform?

For stage and parlor I like to finish with a strong prediction effect. I try to make the big finale relevant to some of the things already performed in the show.

For close-up, sponge balls always seem to get a great reaction, but also a multi-effect card routine I have put together with colour changing cards and twisting Aces etc...

What do you do when someone asks you to ‘do something’ when you’re not expecting it?

I am very reluctant to perform unless prepared. However, if I have to, and have nothing on me, I’d do something that uses anything I can find and a prediction. Otherwise, a card trick if I can borrow a deck of cards.

What is the most memorable performance you have done?

As a magician, performing in the Theatre of The Magic Circle, London. A terrifying experience but very valuable. I have also performed in the Magic Circle cabaret room (Maskelyne Suite) a number of times, which is equally terrifying but rewarding.

What would be your ‘Desert Island’ trick?

A deck of cards to practice my sleights, which could take me the rest of my life to perfect…

Are there any other words of wisdom you’d like to leave with us?

In every challenging situation, there are always opportunities. The challenge is to try and be open to new ideas, risk making mistakes, learning new things, and getting out of your comfort zone. It’s never an easy thing to do, but always worthwhile in the end…