Do you do Charities or have a Charity Rate?

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Do you do Charities or have a Charity Rate?

Charity & Good Causes

I do this for a living, so although I do support many charities, I have to limit what I can take on and commit to.

However, when I am approached to host an event for a charity or a good cause, I can approach the fee differently compared to commercial or for-profit events.

For the right cause, I am willing to offer reduced rates or even volunteer my services for such events as a way of supporting a charitable cause. The specific fee or arrangement can vary widely based on several factors:

Charity Values: If I am passionate about your particular cause I may be willing to offer my services at a lower fee or even for free to support that cause.

Scope of the Event: The size and complexity of the charity event can impact the fee. A small, local fundraiser may have different cost considerations compared to a large-scale, national charity gala.

My Availability: If I have an opening in my schedule and I am genuinely interested in supporting the cause, I may be more flexible with the fee.

Budget of the Charity: The budget of the charitable organization or cause is a significant factor. Some charities may have limited funds and can only afford a reduced fee, while others may have a more substantial budget for event expenses.

Duration of Involvement: I may offer a reduced fee for hosting or magic services but charge separately for additional services such as scriptwriting, rehearsals, or event planning.

Local vs. National/International Charities: I may be more inclined to offer reduced rates for local charities or causes that are personally meaningful to me.

In many cases, I am glad to support charitable events and am open to discussing fees that align with the goals and budget of the charity or good cause. Once I have all the relevant details and the charity and event, the specific arrangement can be negotiated and agreed upon.

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