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Close Up Magic Package

Everyone loves close up magic, even the people who don’t think they do… :0)

The Impossible Mr Goodwin performing close up card magic

With the Close up magic package, you’ll get; A wide range of Close up, Strolling, Mix & Mingle and Table magic, using cards, ropes, silks/hankys, sponges and some fun mind reading.

This will be fun and interactive close up magic performed in your hands and the hands of your guests. The magic cannot get much more close up and personal than this.

You will experience highly skilled sleight of hand, misdirection and showmanship to produce impossible effects. This close up magic is suitable for all ages from 6 – 80, but why stop there let’s go with 100 if you’re lucky enough to be still with us.

What To Expect with the Close up Magic Package…

Magic and Mind-Reading will leave you and your guests totally speechless and provide you with something to talk about long after the event.

Direct modern Mind-Reading which is fun and entertaining to leave you and your guests mind blown and with the sense that your mind really has been hacked.

The Impossible Mr Goodwin performing family close up magic

The Magic happens in your hands and inches from your eyes! You can see everything that happens and everything that is going on, apart from the stuff I don’t want you to see of course :0)

This Close up Package is perfect for large and small events alike, whether it’s a large corporate event to an intimate family gathering or party, close up magic is a perfect way to get your event off to a great start.

A typical close up magic booking can be anything from 15 minutes to a full day. I will work with you to find out exactly how you want to plan your event and help to deliver precisely what you would like to achieve.

This can be done over email, and messgeing platform, a telephone call or a video call like Zoom etc… Let me know your preferred form of communication… Apart from the medium of mind reading, we’ll leave that to the day of the event :0)

I look forward to hearing from you and finding out about how I can help you.

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