MC, Host & Magician for Events, Corporate, Conferences, Awards & Charity nights and more

Do you do Charities or have a Charity Rate?

I do this for a living, so although I do support many charities, I have to limit what I can take on and commit to. However, when I am approached to host an event for a charity or a good cause, I can approach the fee differently compared to commercial or for-profit events. For the…
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What type of magic do you do?

My passion is the magic of the mind, and how we use it to give the impression of thought control, mind reading and influence. My skill is in close-up card magic and the array of effects that can be performed in peoples’ own hand. However, I also have an array of effects that are designed…
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What do you charge?

Short answer: Every event and booking is different, but something that doesn’t change is everyone wants great value for money. Therefore, tell me about your event and what you hope to achieve. I’ll then let you know what I can do and how to help. If I can’t help or am not the right person…
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Which is better for my Corporate Event, a celebrity or a professional Host/Emcee?

The choice between a celebrity host and a professional host for a corporate event depends on various factors, including the goals and nature of the event, the target audience, budget constraints, and the message you want to convey. Here are some considerations for both options: 1. Celebrity Host: Attracting Attention: A celebrity host can generate…
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A few years ago I read Derren Brown’s book ‘Happy’, which he has now followed-up with, ‘A Little Happier’. In the original book, Derren speaks of his views on the subject and perils of living forever. In a nut-shell, Derren believes it would be awful living your life knowing that someday your life will not…
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Magical Views

I was lucky enough to be booked for my first ‘show’ since March and it was a lot of fun but another steep learning curve.   It’s amazing what challenges life throws at us on a daily basis and all that really matters is how we respond to them. We do tend to spend a…
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